Thursday, October 20, 2016

Can You Achieve Prosperity, Abundance and Success in Your Life With a Positive Mindset?

We all know that the positive attracts the positive and that nothing good will come from a negative mindset or attitude. But are we doing this the right way and are we using this to the fullest of its potential. Let's start with some basic information first. Are you aware of how many thoughts we are having per minute, per hour and per day? If we would hear them out loud, we would be driving ourselves crazy! If all our daily thoughts would be written in a book, it would be a encyclopedia. And let's define our thoughts, how many times do we have new single thoughts, and how many times do we have the same thoughts, over and over and over? You probably guessed.

So now we know that we have a lot of thoughts and we keep repeating a lot of these thoughts over and over again, we can use this to our advantage. Let's take some examples: Your having a free day, you are at home and you check your mailbox. Inside is a letter from your local electric company. It is a bill from the last 3 months. It is extremely high, and you are beginning to feel a little dizzy because you can not pay this at this moment. You can guess by now what kind of thoughts and what kind of mindset you will be having during the rest of your day. It will be something like this, I can not pay this! How I am going to pay this? Why me? Why now? This is not good! I can not pay this! I don't have the money right now! As you can see these are all negatives thoughts and they will keep repeating and repeating all day and maybe even the next few days.

What if what we send out, we will receive?

Let's analyse this principle and look what can happen when we apply this to our example with the electric bill. Repeatedly send out is, I can not pay this! This is not good, I don't have the money! So if what we send out, we will receive is applied to this, we will not be able to pay this bill and we will not receive any money to pay it.

So eventually what you don't want, will happen!

Wow, could it be this simple!

Let's find out how we can use this principle to our advantage. What if you see the electric bill, and you see that the amount is extremely high, you don't get dizzy. Instead you relax and think, well I still have 2 more weeks before I have to pay this bill, anything can happen in two weeks, I could win the lottery, I can get a raise, I can receive an extra check, the electric company can call and say that they made a mistake. A lot can happen in two weeks, I will not worry about this, and trust that it will work out. If we will receive what we send out, there is a great chance that something positive will happen and you will be able to pay your electric bill in time.

Wow, could it be this simple!

Yes it can be this simple.

There are a lot of examples when you are looking for stories like this. Why is it that some people always seem to have all the luck in the world, a good income, a beautiful house, a nice car, lot's of friends and a great family. They seem to have it all. While others seem to have bad luck written all over them.

Why is it, . that when you have new shoes, everybody seems to step on your feet! And why is it, that when you are already late, you will always get stuck in traffic.

When you don't want to meet your bossy colleague, she is always there! And just when you are thinking please don't let this bus be late, it is.

So it seems that what we are thinking, we will attract to us.

How can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

The answer to that might be a lot simpler then you think.

When this knowledge came to my attention I immediately started to analyse my own thoughts. And I came to the conclusion that I was doing this completely the wrong way. I noticed that I was concentrating on what I did not want, instead of what I did want. This is a big difference! I committed myself to doing this the right way. Every morning when I wake up, I take 10 minutes to think of all the things I want. My health, my personal growth, my business, my future, my relationships. I think of it, I feel it and imagine I already achieved it. I think of myself as a success magnet, attracting success, wealth and abundance. I feel that I have a healthy and fit body, that is in perfect condition and in perfect shape. I imagine myself traveling all over the world, working with successful people and achieving a higher rank at my company. I see myself driving a brand new car, I can smell the interior, I can feel the comfortable seat, I can hear the engine roar when I hit the gas! Feel it, taste it, experience it with every fiber of your body.

As soon as I did this, my business exploded! I attracted so much people that I could not handle it. Wow, this really works! But it also attracted people that I did not want to attract. I got emails, friend request, phone calls, messages. Over a 150 per day! So be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. Obviously I had to adjust my attraction magnet to attracting the right people. So you see, I am living proof that this really works.

At this day I still do this every morning. I ask what I want, and what I want to accomplish. Some things work right away, and other things may take some time. But I will promise you this, it works, every time.

One of my favorite sayings is, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

So when you are reading this right now, it might be so, that you are ready to learn how to use the law of attraction.

I really love to hear from you, and hear your story. Whenever you need advice, just let me know.

One more last thing, If you have a Netflix account you can watch the documentary the Secret. This was my eye opener and the reason my whole life changed. The next day I send the link to this documentary to my entire team and all my friends.

When you don't have a Netflix account, let me know I will send you the link.

Wishing you lots of health, wealth, prosperity and abundance!

Melanie Mooiman

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